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About Cadeler

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Cadeler is a key supplier within the offshore wind industry for installation services and operations and maintenance works.


Cadeler operates two highly efficient Windfarm Installation Vessels (WIVs), Wind Orca and Wind Osprey. In addition to offshore wind farm installation, these vessels are very well suited for a wide range of maintenance, construction and decommissioning tasks. Equipped with a 1,200t crane, large clear deck area, working water depth of 60m and 2.5m Hs limit for jacking, our vessels are designed to meet both the current and future needs of the offshore industry. Safety and reliability are two key points of focus in the WIV design and aftermarket support. The WIVs are fitted with six legs to increase stability during jacking operations and a high redundancy diesel electric power system to reduce risk of breakdown.

By striving for excellence in safety, recruitment and training, vessel design, maintenance and management, Cadeler provides the best in class service to our customers.



The Global Offshore Wind, Construction and Maintenance Partner


The Global Offshore Wind, Construction and Maintenance Partner. Delivering through superior vessels, committed and competent employees.

Cadeler provides marine and engineering operations to the offshore wind industry with a strong focus on safety and the environment. Our reputation as a provider of high quality, reliable and safe offshore support services, when combined with innovative vessel design, positions us to readily provide premium level services to the offshore wind industry. Cadeler continuously pursues new levels of efficiency and aims to push beyond the current boundaries of the supply chain. We are ready to enable the world's transition to a future built on offshore renewable energies. 



Cadeler was established in 2008 as Blue Ocean Ships A/S. The Company's initial success was kickstarted by an entrepreneurial spirit and supported by an innovative design for a new class of windfarm installation vessels. In 2010, we were acquired by the Swire Group and operated with Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Ltd. as our direct parent company for a decade. Our vessels were delivered in late 2012 and early 2013; after which, we achieved the completion of our first offshore wind installation projects before the end of 2013. During our time with Swire, we benefitted from working within a group characterized by 200+ years of professional experience, and our organisation's culture matured with a focus on the group's core values: Integrity, Endeavour, Excellence, Humility, Teamwork and Continuity. 

In 2020, we ended the chapter as a subsidiary company of Swire Pacific Offshore. The decision was influenced by the trajectory of growth in the offshore wind industry and our need to invest in solutions to enable this growth. Our solution was to establish an independent company in order to support our goal of investing in assets vital to ensuring the supply chain's ability to keep pace with the worldwide connection of offshore wind capacity. 





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