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We are on a mission to help the world transition to a greener tomorrow, turbine by turbine

 Securing renewable energy sources have never been more critical. For the planet and its people

 We are a 100 % pure play company, solely operating in the industry for offshore wind. To date, we have installed close to 400 wind turbines, more than 500 foundations, and have done maintenance work on almost 40 offshore wind farms in European waters. For more than 10 years, we have been a key supplier in the development of enough offshore wind energy to power more than 5.5 million European households.

As a maritime transportation company, we are fully aware of the impacts of our operations. We have high standards and ambitions when it comes to our environmental responsibility. By 2035 our goal is to run a 100 percent carbon neutral business. These are some of the actions we have taken in the last few years, and we have more to come.

We are investing in greener design for our vessels under development

Our new X-class vessels will be designed to emit significantly less carbon per turbine installation than current industry standards. Among other things, we are introducing shore power connections, which are expected to reduce fuel consumption by op to 15 percent. Our new battery packs are designed to optimise our energy efficiency. Our fuel-efficient engines have the option to run partly on biofuels and other renewable fuel systems. Eventually we are also planning to introduce fuel cells run by power-to-X technologies and other innovative designs. 

 We are improving the performance of our existing assets

We made the decision to invest in improved fuel tracking systems on Wind Orca and Wind Osprey as a major step towards reducing emissions from our existing fleet. This system should be installed by the end of 2022 and will enable us to track our fuel consumption more accurately, identify operational areas for improvements.

 Protecting the marine environment

In 2021, we purchased no single-use water bottles for our vessels, had no spills of hydrocarbons or other toxic substances into the oceans, and installed D2-compliant ballast water treatment systems on board our vessels. Having such a system means that when we are carrying water, we will not risk the spread of invasive aquatic species to new waters.

We signed the UN Global Compact

We support the Global Compact’s 10 principles and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Cadeler commits to integrating basic principles related to human rights, worker rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption into our business practices.





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