“A vessel is like a massive clock of cogs. And a large clock, needs a lot of cogs to work!”

Tyrone Sexton, Mechanic

Tyrell 1

What do you do as Mechanic on Wind Osprey?

I’m making sure the jacking system is in the best possible condition for what the vessel needs to do. I’m treating the systems like they are my babies, so they can handle anything Mother Nature will through at them!

What motivates you in your job?

I have always been highly motivated to do the best possible in life in everything I do.

How did you end up working at sea?

My mum was working as a stewardess at sea before she gave birth to me. My dad was at sea all his life. I have a long list of family members working offshore, so I think it must be in the blood.

My first job at sea was with the cruise liner, Queen Elizabeth 2. I sailed to New York, Canada, the Mediterranean. I loved it, and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life at sea.

Fast forward to 2023, I’ve been working at sea on various cargo ships for 32 years and I still love it.

Have there been any experiences offshore that have felt particularly meaningful and formed you as a person?

The team you build at sea is a brilliant thing. We work together to fix whatever is needed. I’ve met some really good people on my travels at sea that you can trust and who will watch your back when the pressure turns up. Then marrying my wife and the birth of my children.

What does great teamwork mean to you?

When installing turbines, people often focus on the crane drivers. But a vessel is a massive clock of cogs.

Without the bridge officers, we wouldn’t get to the installation location. Without engineers and electrotechnical officers, we wouldn’t have engines to produce electric power. Without the deck mechanics, the jacking legs and the crane would fail. Without the AB seaman, the deck would be full of rust and dirt. Without the stewards, we wouldn’t have clean bedding and clothes. Without the cooks fueling the crew, we couldn’t work.

A large clock needs a lot of cogs to work!

What is the best part about working offshore?

I love being at sea. It’s like being in a different world. There is zero work-life-balance in my life, and I like that. When I’m at home, I’m 100% there with my family without the distraction of work. When I’m at sea, I can focus on my job. As long as you wear your PPE to protect you, you can work in any weather, and everyday is a great day onboard.

What is the best part about working for Cadeler as a company?

Cadeler has a GO AND DO IT attitude. Let’s get it done to the best possible quality. No messing about. I like that. It suits my character as a person.

Cadeler feels like a family company. I know that we will grow, and things will change. But it must grow, and evolve, and strive forward. And I’m looking forward to being there through yet another journey with them. Cadeler is looking to the future, and I feel lucky to be a part of that. That’s a nice proud feeling.